Ways to Make Money Online in GTA V

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V, people are looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to make money online in GTA V. Below, you’ll discover a list of 18 profitable activities you can do in the popular video game. Some of these ways to make money require real-life interactions, while others can be accomplished entirely within the game.

Sell Stock

One of the most profitable activities in GTA V is to sell stock. You’ll be needing either GTA V coins or real money to purchase options (i.e. put options) in the game. Put options are used to speculate on the price of a stock. It’s a risk-free way to make money online. Just make sure you know how each stocks work before getting involved. You can find an in-depth explanation of put options here. Also, make sure you’re not messing with anyone’s money. Always use a reputable broker or financial company.

Bait And Fish

Bait and fish is a game you’ll frequently find available within GTA V. Essentially, you’ll be matching fish with lures to catch fish of a specific species. You get paid according to the size and weight of the fish you catch. Smaller fish cost more, so make sure you save some of that extra money you earn to purchase lures. You can also make money by selling the fish you catch. The game is generally recommended for beginners, as it’s easy to learn how to play and fun to master. If you’re looking for ways to make quick cash, bait and fish is a fun option that won’t require any special training.


Poker is another fun game you can play in GTA V. Just make sure you’re not playing against anyone you know or if it’s against the law where you live. There are 4 possible activities you can do with poker: play against the computer, play against another human, play against a bot, or play for real money. Since bots are utilized for most of the online poker games nowadays, it’s easiest for new players to just play against the computer. Once you learn how to play against the machine, you can move onto the next level. There are also many strategies you can use to beat the computer, including utilizing a wider variety of cards (i.e. dealing out fewer cards per round), holding cards that are better than what’s in front of you, and utilizing different betting strategies. Playing for real money isn’t as easy as playing against the machine or against another human. You’ll need to check with the site you’re playing on to see if they offer any special promotions for new players. If you want to make quick cash, play against the computer for as long as you can. Once you’ve accumulated $1000 in winnings, you can cash out and get your money back with no tricks. However, if you’re looking to make long-term money from poker, you might want to consider playing for real. The money you earn playing for real will come much more slowly, but it’s still achievable. The key is to be patient and don’t give up. Good luck out there.


Mining isn’t exactly a way to make quick cash, but it’s certainly profitable and won’t require any special training. In GTA V, you’ll be searching for resources such as diamonds, gold, ores, gems, and stones that can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and vehicles. You can also find these resources in certain places such as rivers, canyons, and caves. To get started, simply move to one of these areas and start prospecting for resources. When you find one, dig up the resource and sell it for cash. You’ll need to determine how much raw material you’ve found in order to know how much you’ll be paid. For example, if you’ve found 100 grams of gold, you’ll be paid $100 for that amount. The more you find, the better, as you’ll earn more money. Just make sure that you’re not damaging any underground habitats in the process.

Skin Game

Aside from earning money through stock sales and poker, another way to make quick cash in GTA V is through the skin game. Essentially, this is a way to earn money by picking locks, robbing banks, and other such crimes. You get paid based on the crime you commit. The bigger the crime, the bigger the pay-out. You can find these competitions on Facebook, where people are looking for gamers to participate in their contests. Just make sure you’re not a violent person, as you’ll be doing a lot of damage during these events. This is also a risky activity, as you could be arrested at any time for participating in these contests. If you really want to make quick cash, participate in one of these contests and see how much money you can get for committing a crime.

Pump And Dump

Pump and dump is when one investor buys a large amount of stock in a company, hoping the price will rise and then rapidly fall due to the news or rumor of a major product release. This sudden price change makes the investment worth while, as the investor can then sell the stock at a profit. The opposite of a pump and dump scheme is a buy and hold strategy, which is when an investor buys a stock with the intention of keeping it for the long term. When using a buy and hold strategy, it’s not necessary to pump the price of a stock, as the investor will simply buy when the price is low and hold for the long term. This strategy can be quite profitable, as long-term stock holders enjoy the benefits of growth without having to watch the price go up and down, as it usually does when stocks are pumped. Just make sure you don’t use this strategy for obscene amounts of money, as you’ll put yourself in financial jeopardy.

Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid scheme is a type of business where you’re encouraged to recruit more and more people to get paid from the profits of previous members. This can be a legitimate way to make money, but it’s certainly not something to jump into without careful consideration. Make sure you’re aware of how many people are in your chain before getting involved with a pyramid scheme. Getting out of one isn’t easy, as you’ll have to convince hundreds if not thousands of people you’re not a scam. Just make sure you’re not putting yourself in financial jeopardy by getting involved with a pyramid scheme. It’s not that easy to dig yourself out of a deep financial hole, especially when you’re not prepared for it.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies. If you’ve got money to spare and are looking to make some quick cash, you can try your hand at forex trading. Basically, you’ll be placing buy and sell orders for various currencies, waiting for the market to settle, and earning a small profit. It’s not a bad way to make money, but it can be pretty slow. Just make sure you’re not doing anything illegal, as you’ll be held accountable for the actions of others. If you want to make quick cash, consider using a forex sytem, as they can give you access to high-quality accounts, where you can place your buy and sell orders. However, if you want to make long-term money, you might want to look into other options.

Black Marketing

Now, we don’t recommend doing anything illegal just to make quick cash, but some might consider black marketing a way to make quick cash as well. Basically, this is the practice of selling products or services that aren’t made by the company you represent. It can be quite the profitable practice, as you’ll be generating revenue where others can’t. Just make sure you’re not breaking the law where you are. It’s also important to keep track of what you’re selling and for whom. You don’t want to find yourself tangled up in any legal issues because you didn’t do enough research before getting involved.


While some people might consider watching movies or TV shows a way to make quick cash, you can actually get paid to stare at the sky and record the changing weather conditions. Using instruments such as a telescope and camera, you’ll be able to spot falling stars, planets, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The more detailed the observation, the better, as you’ll be able to detect more information about what you’re seeing. The best part is that you don’t need any special training for this job. You’ll just need to have your eyes open and be able to operate the telescope or computer in order to get started. If you’ve got a high-quality camera, you can reach at least $1500 for a day’s work, which can be considered reasonably good money for a student.