Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

Looking for ways to make extra money? You’ve probably considered online marketing, where you can make money from home by promoting products and services that you believe in. As a home-based business owner, you’re already equipped with the skills you need to become a successful online marketer. The question is, how can you monetize those skills?

You can use online resources to research companies that are willing to pay for web content, products, or services. You can get started for free by reaching out to local businesses to see if they have any needs or requirements. Once you have established contact with a potential client, you can move into the next step and negotiate a proposal to earn money online.

Monetize Your Skills With These Four Online Businesses

Whether you’ve considered online marketing or not, you have most likely heard about ClickBank, which is the largest affiliate marketplace connecting businesses with marketers and bloggers for the purpose of online sales. With over 2 million registered users and more than 500 million products available for sale, ClickBank is a fantastic place to make money online. Products range from electronics, to health and beauty, to books and music. You can find a complete list of all the available products on ClickBank here. Once you’ve created a free account, you can get to work.

Shopify is a market platform that allows entrepreneurs to build their own stores online. The platform provides all the necessary tools to set up your own store, including products, web pages, blogs, and more. If you’ve been thinking about starting an online store, Shopify is the best choice as it’s a one-stop-shop that provides all the tools you need to get up and running. One of the key differences between Shopify and other marketplaces is that the business can offer a unique deal or discount to attract potential customers. To attract quality customers, you’ll want to integrate social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to drive customer engagement.


FlexEarn is another great place to make money online. Similar to ClickBank, FlexEarn is an affiliate marketplace that connects businesses with independent contractors (or “affiliates”) to promote their goods and services. However, FlexEarn is slightly different as it also provides an opportunity for users to generate a passive income stream by sharing ads on their social media channels. In addition, FlexEarn pays its affiliates a commission for each sale they make, while ClickBank pays its affiliates a percentage based on the sale they make.

Commission Junction is a global affiliate network with over 1.7 million members. It is a great choice for businesses who want to take their online marketing efforts to the next level. Members can choose from a variety of affiliate programs including CFD’s (Customers For Digital Products), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and PPA’s (Product Per Acquisition). Platforms like Commission Junction make it easy to find and manage the affiliate programs you want to promote, as well as track the earnings from your campaigns.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the enterprise version of Shopify. It provides additional features and tools which make running a shop easier for experienced entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. The platform can be costly, but the additional features make it worth the investment.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Did you know that Amazon has an affiliate program? That’s right, as a member of Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission when a purchase is made via an affiliate link you’ve shared online. There are many ways to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program including selling and displaying Amazon products, advertising other companies’ products through Amazon ads, and more.

If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at online marketing but don’t want to deal with the hassle of building a website, purchasing hosting, and getting the technical skills to operate a successful blog, you can always opt for a less technical route and join an affiliate program. The key is to find a reputable affiliate program that pays well and offers a variety of products you can promote.

Start An Online Store

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online store but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting all the technical skills necessary, you can always opt for a simpler route and use a platform like Shopify to create your store. Shopify offers a variety of online store templates you can choose from, as well as an option for entrepreneurs who want to build their own design.

Another popular and successful option is Shopify Plus, which provides additional features and tools that make running a shop easier for experienced entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Final Takeaway

Making money online isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s all about putting in the work to find the right opportunities and then following the steps necessary to earn a profit. The above four platforms cover the basics, but if you want to dig deeper, you can find a wealth of information online. With the right guidance and resources, anyone can become a successful online marketer. Good luck out there.