Ways to Make Money While Free Roaming in GTA 5 Online

While the world was busy celebrating the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) on April 29, it looks like another celebration is going on behind the scenes. Not only has it been confirmed that a free roam version of the popular game is in development, but fans of the franchise have been given rare peek behind the scenes courtesy of a recent Rockstar Games livestream. The news, which was announced today during the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, officially confirmed that the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series will be all about freedom and exploring the open world.

It was initially believed that the new game would be titled Grand Theft Auto 6, but it looks like that isn’t the case. Instead, the next game in the popular series will be titled simply, Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. According to the official press release, the multiplayer component will allow players to engage in heists, hold-ups, and other criminal activities throughout the entirety of Los Angeles as they see fit.

Heists, Robberies & More

Based on the information revealed during the livestream and the game’s official synopsis, one of the primary goals of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is to provide an experience similar to that of the heists featured in the previous titles. However, with the introduction of a fully featured open world, players will now have the freedom to engage in any type of robbery they wish.

The Rockstar Games team has also announced that player-versus-player combat will return, this time taking place across a sprawling city full of crime, danger, and excitement.

Exploring The Open World

To truly experience the freedom that comes with being a thief in Los Angeles, players will have to explore the city’s streets and visit its various neighborhoods. Just make sure you’re not robbing any pedestrians, as that’s definitely not cool.

The Rockstar Games Twitter account also revealed today that players will be able to take a different slant on their heists this time around, as they can now use a range of weapons and vehicles to commit the crime. Additionally, the developer stated that players will have the ability to create their own heists and share them with the community.

What’s New In This Version?

Taking everything into account, it’s clear that the team at Rockstar Games had a lot of new and improved things they wanted to include in this installment. Apart from the obvious addition of a fully featured multiplayer mode, the game will feature some impressive visuals overhauls and much more varied and immersive environments. Most importantly, players will now be able to steal cars with no hands, something that was heavily criticized in the original Grand Theft Auto.

Why Is This Version Only Online?

Although Grand Theft Auto games have always been about providing a fun interactive experience, the series has never really been about the single player mode. The idea behind creating an online version of the game is to provide more opportunities for players to engage with other people, either through direct connections or a more traditional multiplayer mode.

With all the new features and gameplay enhancements, it’s clear that the team at Rockstar Games had a lot of inspiration when it came to building this version of the game. While it’s still unclear as to when we’ll get our hands on it, it appears that the wait will be worth it.