Weird Ways to Make Money Online

Weird ways to make money online. There are many ways to make money online. And sometimes, the ways we make money aren’t the ways we actually want to make money. That’s why we’ve collected these online gigs that make you question what it means to make money and how you make it.

1. Start an Online Store

This is one of the most common ways to make money online as an entrepreneur. You can start an online store that sells products or services related to fashion, style, beauty, wellness, and more. You can build a store around an existing brand or the name of a luxury product. Or, you can use your own name and create a store around that.

You can start a store with virtually no investment and no risk if you’re a savvy entrepreneur wanting to build a reputable brand. In addition to generating a passive income stream, you can use your store to promote and drive traffic to other websites or platforms. You can use tools like Shopify and WooCommerce to build your store and reach millions of potential customers.

2. Take On-Demand Survey Jobs

If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can become a survey taker for cash. Several companies, including Swagbucks, SurveysPlus, OneOpinion, and Ipsos iSay, are just a few of the survey companies that offer opportunities to make some extra cash. Swagbucks and OneOpinion, for example, let you make a few bucks a day by taking on-demand surveys or by watching ads. Similar to the online store option above, you can create a brand for yourself or use your existing brand to take on-demand surveys.

3. Start An Online Travel Agent

If you’re a travel agent who specializes in luxury travel destinations, you can make a pretty penny by referring customers to the best destinations and hotels in your area. Simply find a niche in the marketplace and become recognized for providing exceptional service. According to Travel Agent 360, the worldwide travel agent market was valued at US$16.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to $26.9billion by 2027.

Hotels and destinations look to travel agents to provide a variety of services, ranging from booking accommodations to providing advice on what to do in the city (e.g., eat, shop, sightsee) and which attractions to avoid due to high capacity or crowdedness. Basically, if you can generate a booking for a high-end hotel or an exclusive destination, you can make a good chunk of change.

4. Start an Online Food Emporium

If you’re a foodie looking to make extra cash, you can start an online emporium that sells all kinds of gourmet goodies. Whether you’re selling organic produce, sweets, or snacks, you can use online marketplaces like Shopify, Bonjoro, and Mercado Libre to build your foodie emporium.

From humble beginnings in a kitchen with a few friends, food bloggers can now make a living traveling the world and documenting their adventures in food. If you’ve got a sizable audience, you can become a lifestyle food blogger and make a living off of content marketing.

5. Start A Health & Beauty Consulting Practice

If you’re qualified, you can become a health & beauty consultant who helps people improve their lives by eating healthier and engaging in more skincare. Nava MD, a health-focused online marketplace, connects individuals with approved health and beauty practitioners who can provide advice and treatments for a variety of conditions and complaints.

By building your own little wellness empire, you can help people and make a few extra bucks along the way. Plus, you get to help people who presumably trust you to give them good advice.

6. Start A Financial Management Business

If you’re looking to make a full-time living off of something you’ve got going on, you can start a business that helps other entrepreneurs and small businesses stay on top of their finances. You can build a team of accountants, bookkeepers, and analysts who can help businesses of all sizes keep their books in order, plan their budgets, and maximize their profits.

If you’re in the right location, this can be a lucrative option. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Francisco has one of the highest numbers of freelancers who work remotely, with almost 40% currently freelancing, compared to the national average of about 20%. If you’re looking to make a move, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

7. Start An Event Planning Business

If you’re a planner who loves to party, you can make a fortune by taking on event planning. You’ll need to pick your niche, whether you plan large scale weddings or intimate cocktail parties. Once you’ve decided on an event type, you can use your team to brainstorm ideas and plan your pricing structure. You can start by taking on small projects and steadily increasing your client base.

The demand for high-quality, tailored events is on the rise. According to the 2019 Future of Event Planning report, the market value for event planning will increase from an estimated $16.7billion to $26.9billion by 2027. The report also notes that 82% of those planning to enter the field have a financial background, while 56% have experience in the industry.

8. Start An App Business

If you’re passionate about design and have an eye for good UI/UX, you can develop and market your own apps. A great way to make quick money is to develop an app that connects customers with local businesses. For example, if you’ve got an Airbnb for dogs, you can create an app that scans dogs’ microchip IDs and provides information about local dog-friendly restaurants and hotels.

To get started, you’ll need to have a good idea of ​​the target audience and build a prototype. From there, you can test the app with users, make any necessary adjustments, and eventually go live. Depending on the traction you get, you can consider exploring other options, such as selling your own design templates or creating an affiliate marketing program where you promote other people’s apps.

9. Start A Tutoring Business

If you’re a talented teacher or master craftsman, you can set up a shop on Etsy or another online marketplace and begin making money by teaching people online or in person. The benefit of this option is that you can choose your own hours, so you can set your own schedule. And if you teach English as a second language, you can even set your own price for your lessons.

Depending on the subject matter, you can charge anywhere from $25 to $100 per session. If you’ve got a proven track record of delivering high quality results, why not try and see how much you can charge?

10. Start ANew Product Business

If you’re a product connoisseur who’s looking to make extra cash, you can get into the eCommerce business and become a reseller of popular products, such as fashion accessories, jewelry, and more.

If you’ve got a solid design eye and can prove you have a following in the niche, you can create your own product line and sell your own branded goods, such as T-shirts, hoodies, or hats with your logo on it.

While it’s not necessarily a bad idea to do this, it’s not the most profitable route. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 20% of the American workforce now freelances, either part-time or full-time. For those who prefer to work remotely, this is an ideal situation. You get to choose your own hours and set your own goals. Plus, you can leverage your existing audience, whether you have a blog or a social media following, to get the word out about your product.

11. Start An Insurance Agency

If you’ve got a natural talent for sales and can convince people that your services are worth the fee, you can set up shop and begin charging for your expertise. In this case, you’ll need to have a team of licensed agents who can negotiate insurance contracts on your behalf. This is one of the more traditional ways of making money online- usually, you’ll start by selling personal lines of insurance and, as you build a client base, you can transition to selling group policies.