What’s a Good Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is an online game that was developed and published by Korean game company Pearl Studios. It is a sandbox adventure where players can explore an ever-changing world and hunt down monsters to slay and collect their skins, which can be used to craft useful items. The game does not feature any kind of “pay to play” scheme, meaning that players can dive in and explore the world without worrying about paying for items they might need.

While the game does offer a fairly large array of useful tools and equipment, it still relies on players using their own resources to develop and progress. This means that even after reaching level 20, a player will require a significant amount of motivation to continue exploring the world and looking for ways to make cash. That’s a lot of walking, gathering resources, and killing monsters for fun and profit!

Many gamers love the freedom of this game and its economic design, which allows players to explore the world without worry of being penalized for not having enough money. Still, even for people who enjoy game design that allows for flexibility, Black Desert Online can become very repetitive and dull, especially after reaching level 20, which grants access to a plethora of useful skills, items, and monsters that can be hunted for profit. This is why many gamers turn to online games like Pokemon Go and Clash Royale, which offer games that are designed for mobile devices, where players can collect resources, hatchlings, and engage in competitive gameplay at the touch of a button.


Black Desert Online is a free-to-play game with several options for monetizing. The game’s main source of revenue comes from microtransactions, which allow users to purchase in-game gold with real money. The minimum purchase amount is $2.99 and the maximum purchase amount is $49.99, though the game encourages players to spend more, as these items can be used to purchase better gear, enhance existing gear, or speed up weapon or skill cooldowns.

There is also a daily login bonus available, which can be earned by logging in daily. This bonus is usually around 20-50k gold, which can be used to purchase better gear, enhance existing gear, or speed up weapon or skill cooldowns. The more the merrier!

Monetization Through Gameplay

Black Desert Online is more of a long-term moneymaker for the game’s publisher, Genshin Impact, than it is a short-term source of income. This is mainly because of the game’s unique “free-to-play / pay-to-win” design philosophy, alongside the game’s emphasis on monetizing through microtransactions. Genshin Impact’s long-term plan is to make money from Black Desert Online through several methods, including microtransactions, third-party software and mobile revenue, along with new content and merchandise. Some of these methods require that players spend money, while others don’t.

This game is always evolving and changing, with new monsters, bosses, and items appearing. One of the best ways to make money in Black Desert Online is to spend money on better gear to kill these monsters and bosses. The more you spend, the better your gear will be!


Black Desert Online is a game with a unique design and economic model. People who love this type of game will enjoy spending time in Black Desert Online, as it allows for a lot of freedom and flexibility. Still, after progressing for a while, players can become very bored, especially after reaching level 20, when a large array of useful skills, items, and monsters appear. These items can be purchased with real money using several different methods, with Genshin Impact, the game’s publisher, hoping to eventually make money from this game through several methods, including microtransactions and in-game events.